The Pier-2 Art Center


地點: No. 1, Dayong Rd., Yancheng Dist.
拍攝日期: 2016-09-20
GPS定位: 22.619936, 120.281676


Kaohsiung MRT: Take MRT to Yanchengpu Station. From Exit No.1, walk for approximately 5-10 minutes.
Light Rail: Take light rail to Dayi Pier-2 Station
By Car: Exit Zhongzheng Interchange from National Freeway 1 -> Go straight on Zhongzheng Road -> Turn left to Dayong Road -> Arrived at The Pier-2



At The Pier-2, conflicts are wonderful energy.
It is a dated warehouse where time condenses every sign of possible development, relieved by the calling of arts and culture. Creative inspirations are continuously pulled in and reborn as they prosper over time. Amid the conflicts of the old and the new, what is bounced off is energetic vitality.

At the artistic warehouse clusters by the wharf, vehicles and boats come in and out. Not only crowds of people, the sea breeze also visits here often. The vast landscape of infinite views of ocean and sky brings visitors an open mind. Amid the conflicts residing at the border of ocean and land, the expanse is a bright future.

The public sector who is responsible for the operation and the management and the artists who have boundless imagination, though embracing respective dreams, have been negotiating with one another in this venue, refining their directions, and striding towards a common ideal. Amid the conflicts between administration and arts, they have worked out their differences and become close partners, creating the image that The Pier-2 leaves in everyone’s heart.

Wonderful energy needs time to be nurtured and wholehearted efforts to be accumulated.
In 2000, the National Day fireworks were for the first time decided to take place in Taipei but in Kaohsiung, in Southern Taiwan, instead. To search for an appropriate firework location, people noticed the existence of The Pier-2 warehouses by the harbor. A group of enthusiastic people in the arts and culture industry established The Pier-2 Arts Development Association in 2001 to initiate the establishment of and promote for The Pier-2 Art Center to become the base of humanistic, cultural, and arts developments in Southern Taiwan.

In 2006, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government took over The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung Design Festival, The Delight of Chinese Character Festival, Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, Container Arts Festival, Kaohsiung People are Here Dolls, and Live Warehouse The Pier-2 Music Concerts, and each and every other exhibition or performance exuding the City’s creative qualities have taken place here. Their great vitality continuously present brand-new concepts and appearances at The Pier-2, building up the charming culture and living aesthetics in this harbor city.

Accumulation and nurturing will eventually lead to fruitful results at the appropriate time.
Whether in the past or in the present, The Pier-2 Art Center has always been the warehouse cluster that Kaohsiung people cannot live without. In the past, the warehouses were used to store fish powder and sugar, giving the harbor a glorious history of bustling prosperity. Now the warehouse cluster merges the energies of design and creativity, enriching each and every free-spirited soul. The West Harbor Line Railroad that had been used for transporting goods by the harbor in the past has now become Kaohsiung’s most popular waterfront light rail that travels through The Pier-2 Art Center. The warehouse cluster goes beyond its stereotypical usage and connects with arts and culture and with the world, opening up conversations with the young generation.

Its unique environment and location are considered to be one of a kind amongst all arts and culture venues in Taiwan. The Pier-2, this distinctively unique arts and culture space, is also at the same time people’s best recreation site. Pedaling the bikes will lead visitors exploring the oceanic views along West Harbor Line. In the public space, visitors will discover amazing art works; reflected under the blazing sunshine and blue sky, every corner can be the best place for a great shot. Along with the special exhibitions and performances offered during various holidays or occasions, people will be wowed in different ways every time they visit here!



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