[ Instructions for Assistance ]

The Film-making Assistance Center

  1. The Instructions herein are established to advertise Kaohsiung City, encourage video firms to shoot films with scenes in this city, as well as to provide better services in aspects of locations and equipment, which will be implemented before formal announcement of Service Management Rules for this Center.
  2. The organization and the individual meeting any of the following terms shall be allowed to borrow the locations or the facilities from this Center.
    1. When accepting the video production groups to shoot films in the locations of this city, college graduation films shall be allowed for student groups; however, we also offer support services for other types of student productions.
    2. The episodes of the film are correlated to this City, or written plan that will bring positive effect to the promotion of this City and where it is agreed by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government.
    3. The borrowed facilities shall be used in this City only.
  3. The Film Shooting Application Form shall include the following attachments:
    1. The Application Form produced by this Center.
    2. Film Shooting Creative Plan (planning/footage/script/applicant and company contact method/location requirements).
    3. Detailed shooting content and schedule.
    4. Shooting schedule
  4. Venue application process – working days

    When using general venue: 7~10 working days (excluding holidays)
    When using special venue: The Applicant shall submit a letter to the responsible venue unit 20~30 working days ahead (varied depending on the nature of each case).

    Use of roads:
    Intermittent traffic control/street blockin

    • The Applicant shall submit a Traffic Control Plan, brief workpiece plan, detailed shooting time, route (plan drawing and photos, etc.), description of episode, shooting method, special demands, site control method, description of detour, and bulletin position, etc.
    • Joint investigation/shooting coordination meeting.
    • The road-blocking announcement shall be erected one week before the shooting.

    Contingent change not accepted during the road-blocking film shoot.

    Use of meeting room:
    Using date, time, and meeting content.

  5. Accommodation subsidies

    This Bureau shall subsidize the accommodation expenses if the application meets any of the following terms:

    1. The content of the film contains locations that are easily identifiable as a scene of this City.
    2. The content of the episodes shall be correlated to this City.
    3. The content of the film shall bring a positive effect to the promotion of this City.
    4. The film shall be the high-quality product being assessed by this Bureau.

    Provided below is the qualification for the application:

    Films: TV serial dramas, TV movies, documentary films, Kaohsiung Shot, HD, as well as the movies produced with negative films in 16mm or 35mm or greater. (Micro movie, student’s graduation workpiece, advertisement MV will be excluded from the subsidiaries). If meeting the aforesaid qualification, please contact the Person-In-Charge through telephone and then prepare the following documents:

    1. Application form – 5 copies
    2. AShooting details/plan – 5 copies (describing the episode, shooting plan, resume of director and main actors, domestic/overseas marketing plan of the film, as well as product list).
    3. APhotocopy of company license or profit-earning business registration certification – 1 copy.
    4. AActual shooting schedule.

    • Application timeline: Please submit the application two weeks before the shooting day in this City.
    • Amount of subsidy: NT$300 per person per day without the limit of the number of the applicant.

  6. Notice:

    1. If violating the rules: If the film is produced without following the requirements enforced by each venue and where serious result has occurred, then this Center shall report the case to the Film Shooting Support Center of the respective county and city deployed in Taiwan through Bureau of Audiovisual And Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture.
    2. Lending of facilities:

    Each borrowing period shall be limited to 3 consecutive days per time (limited to renewal for once). When the time expires, the Applicant shall register the application again. In the absence of other applicants, the Applicant shall submit the extension request to this Center and continued using shall be allowed after being approved. If damage occurs to the space, equipment, facilities or public properties borrowed from this Center, the Applicant shall be liable for repairs and compensation within one week. If failing to complete the repairs or make repairs when due, then this Center may ask for compensation money from the Applicant.

    [This Center shall reserve the right of explaining and interpreting any matters not provided herein.]




We will help with location scouting and finding, apply for the site, and lend facilities (including the meeting room for executing the audition).


For details of facilities borrowing rules and list, please visit the “Form Download” and download the required documents.


Please prepare following documents and then send them to the e-mail addresstfac.kcg@gmail.comof this Center.

  1. Shooting Plan
  2. Footage / script
  3. Items to be supported (scenes, location scouting, shooting schedule, etc.)
  4. Communication method

When using general venue: 7~10 working days (excluding holidays)
When using special venue: The Applicant needs to submit a letter to the responsible venue unit 20~30 working days ahead (varied depending on the nature of each case).


In addition to the legal lodging facilities based in Kaohsiung that has signed a contract with this Bureau, it also includes the B&B (Bed and Breakfast) facilities legally registered in Kaohsiung City and the Greater Kaohsiung without the limit of contracted hotels.


Within one month after completing the film shooting, the grantee shall prepare an original voucher list issued for the accommodation during the shooting period as well as the result report and the DVD file containing action photos and working photos when shooting the film in this City and then submit them along with the application letter to this Bureau for handling the disbursement and payment.

If the film is produced after December 01 and where the film belongs to a cross-year event, then the Applicant shall apply for the disbursement before the end of that fiscal year.

  1. After the film is broadcasted or released, the Applicant shall submit a complete set of the film or the edited footage of this City to this Bureau for filing.
  2. When completing and releasing the film, the end credits of the film and the visible position of promotional materials shall be marked with “Supported by Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government” or the LOGO of this Bureau.
  3. The Applicant shall allow this Bureau to use the footage showing the images of locations or action photos of this City for non-profit earning purpose, such as promotion of the administration policies.

If the grantee breaches any of the aforesaid requirements and where the grantee fails to complete the improvement within the timeline as being required by this Bureau, then this Bureau may cancel the subsidy and shall pursue the subsidized sum.

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