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Accommodation subsidies

Accommodation subsidies

This Bureau shall subsidize the accommodation expenses if the application meets any of the following terms:

  1. The content of the film contains locations that are easily identifiable as a scene of this City.
  2. The content of the episodes shall be correlated to this City.
  3. The content of the film shall bring a positive effect to the promotion of this City.
  4. The film shall be the high-quality product being assessed by this Bureau.

Provided below is the qualification for the application:

Films: TV serial dramas, TV movies, documentary films, Kaohsiung Shot, HD, as well as the movies produced with negative films in 16mm or 35mm or greater. (Micro movie, student’s graduation workpiece, advertisement MV will be excluded from the subsidiaries). If meeting the aforesaid qualification, please contact the Person-In-Charge through telephone and then prepare the following documents:

  1. Application form – 5 copies
  2. AShooting details/plan – 5 copies (describing the episode, shooting plan, resume of director and main actors, domestic/overseas marketing plan of the film, as well as product list).
  3. APhotocopy of company license or profit-earning business registration certification – 1 copy.
  4. AActual shooting schedule.
  • Application timeline: Please submit the application two weeks before the shooting day in this City.
  • Amount of subsidy: NT$300 per person per day without the limit of the number of the applicant.
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